Amazing Books To Quit The Smoking Addiction

    There are several underlying factors why many people smoke. Some of the common reasons are peer pressure, anxiety and depression due to financial problems or issues in the family.
    The nicotine content in tobacco is highly addictive. This is the simple reason why most people are in the habit of smoking packs of cigarette every day. Once started smoking, people find it extremely difficult to stop.

    “Do you want a smoke? Say –NO”
    “Do you want a smoke? Say –NO”

    Some smokers decide to stop their bad habit because of the known health dangers caused by cigarette smoking. One important aspect about quitting smoking is to find effective ways to cope up with the difficulties that may be experienced during the process.
    Reading a quit smoking book is one beneficial way to guide you in achieving your goal of a healthier lifestyle. Although there are a lot of books available on the internet. Reading them will take a long time. It is important to select the best books to help you successfully quit smoking.

    Easy Way To Stop Smoking

    This book is written by Allen Carr. He worked as an accountant and was a real life smoker until he quit from his habit and wrote his bestselling book. This book was first published in the United Kingdom in 1985.
    In 2006, Allen Carr battled with lung cancer but still helped a lot of people turned their backs on smoking when he established several stop-smoking clinics across the globe. He died the same year he found out about his lung condition.
    The beginning of the book tells about the various myths and satisfaction you can get from smoking. It also tells about the delusions you may experience in smoking such as it makes you feel relaxed and stress free. The book may seem like it wants the smoker to continue with their habit but once you continue reading it, it will point out simple but effective ways to stop smoking.

    The Little Book Of Not Smoking

    Neil Casey is the author of this best-selling book which gives moral support and encouragement to any person who wants to quit his smoking habit. This book gives realization about the negative effects that can be brought by smoking cigarette and how it affects the life of an individual and his family.
    This book provides more than a hundred pieces of non-smoking wisdom in the form of statements and questions.

    The Nicotine Trick: The Totally New Way To Stop Smoking

    This is the second book written by Neil Casey following the success of his first book “The Little Book of Not Smoking”. In this second book, Casey talks about some methods to help stop a person from smoking cigarette for good. This book explains the reason why nicotine is extremely addicting and how to really break the addiction of smoking.

    “Break the habit by breaking the cigarette”
    “Break the habit by breaking the cigarette”

    When you just decide to quit your smoking habit, reading these books will guide you in reaching your goals while making the process less difficult as possible.

    Single Mom Tips: How to Cut Your Expenses in Half

    “Save money and cut your expenses”
    “Save money and cut your expenses”

    Being a single mom is a very difficult situation to be in. It’s alright if they have a relative who’s helping them in the household chores. But most of the time, single moms live only with their kids. They have to manage everything in the house. They have to manage the kids and make sure they are alright. They have to manage the house and take care of the expenses and of course they have to take care of themselves so they can continue earning. For single moms out there, here are some ways to cut your bills in half so you can spend them in more important expenditures.

    Credit card expenditures –
    As much as you can, use cash to pay for your grocery list. You can use a credit card but there are so many fees that you have to worry about. You have to worry also about the due date so that you won’t incur high interest rates. Use the credit card only for emergency and during the normal days, use cash when you can. If you use a credit card, always pay the bills on time so you won’t be charged with high interest rates.

    Utility bills
    There are many companies that offer better quality at a much lower price. Before committing to one company make sure that you took time to research about the company regarding their service quality and the rates that they give to their customers. The cheapest doesn’t always mean that they are better. Inquire from friends which of the utility companies are best and start there. Once you have your utilities already, learn to conserve water and electricity.

    Internet connection –

    “Get a reasonable internet package”
    “Get a reasonable internet package”

    Just like your utilities, look for the internet package that would match your working pattern. There are DSL packages that already offer a phone along with the internet connection. This can be a practical choice compared to buying a separate phone unit. If you are on the go and do not stay long in your house, you can opt for an internet package that is designed for customers that are on the go.
    Cell phone
    Most of the companies today offer a free phone along with their plan packages. This is a good offer especially if you think that the monthly dues is just enough for your needs. After completing the paying period, you will be offered a new phone to renew their service. Before committing to another plan package, you might no longer need to have a new phone. By declining on the new phone offer you might be able to reduce your plan monthly dues.

    Being a single mom is indeed difficult but if they know how to be practical in many aspects, they can sustain their family even if they are the only one earning. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll be amazed about the amount money that you are able to save. This can be a start to a debt-free life which means a better and brighter future for you and your kids.

    Negotiating for the Best Price

    Negotiating almost always has something to do with price. After all, there is value for everything and that value has a monetary counterpart except for things (or experiences) that can be considered priceless, which often mean more than what money can buy. When buying something, most people would want a lower price than what is presented. It gives the feeling of getting a really good deal out of a small amount laid out. It takes some knowledge and a lot of practice, though, to be really skilled with negotiating but practice makes perfect so if at first you failed, try and try again.

    Know your cards.

    “Know whom you are dealing with ”
    “Know whom you are dealing with ”

    Before you can negotiate, you have to know what is available to you, what limit do you have and you can compromise to get the best deal. Do a research also about what is important to the seller so that you can figure out where to cut corners or emphasize important aspects. If selling for the highest possible price is what is important for the seller then you can focus on having something else more for the price he/she does not want to budge away from. So if you are buying a desktop computer, for example, with certain specification and the price is fixed, you can ask if it can come with a free flash disk perhaps, or a USB extension. That way, the price stays the same and the add-ons are small things that can be thrown into the package.

    Go for a win-win deal.

    “Go for a win-win deal”
    “Go for a win-win deal”

    Whenever you will negotiate for a lower price you have to make sure that the price will not go so low that the person you are negotiating with will not be happy about the deal. If that happens, you will likely not have another chance to deal with that person again. A win-lose deal is not a good deal. When that happens, word will go out to other sellers, even friends, your friends, and the repercussion of what you have done will not be good at all.

    Do not be the first to give a number.

    Bargaining is common in the Philippines. When the buyer asks how much and the seller gives it, the buyer asks for a bargain. The seller usually asks, “How much would you like it to be?” The buyer can be happy for any lower amount. The wrong move is to blurt out how much. The seller only knows if that amount is good to give or is way below the capital. If it is better then the seller will give it and the buyer is happy. If it is way below the capital, the seller will just say it is way too low and wait for the buyer to ask for another low (but higher than the previous) price. The seller, in fact, is using the technique of not giving the first number (apart from the real selling price). When asked by the seller how much the buyer wants it, the counter question should be, “What is your last price?” It would usually be a ping-pong ball passing from one paddle to another for a little while. If the seller won’t give in, act as if you will leave and look for another. More often than not, the seller will give in. If not, move on.


    Negotiating for the best price can be fun and financially rewarding. Just make sure that you are opting for a win-win deal rather than getting all the good to yourself.